此外,裕隆医药工业园(孔府制药化药部)还建有1天100吨的生活污水处理装置。2个高压加氢车间已完成投入使用 。

Shandong Confucius pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is located in historical and cultural city, hometown of Confucius - qufu, affiliated to shandong yulong mining group co., LTD., is a modern Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise. Company's existing assets of 80 million yuan, all the production line in November 2008 by the national drug GMP certification. 2005 by the provincial department identified as "high-tech enterprise".

Been in shandong province, jining city industrial and commercial bureau awarded "contract trustworthiness enterprise", by qufu food and drug administration rated as "quality trustworthy unit" pharmaceuticals. "Confucius" brand trademark for the 3.15 anti-counterfeit query system protection brand.
The products of the company is given priority to with proprietary Chinese medicine OTC products, oral liquid, syrup, granules, tablet, capsule, pill, powder seven formulations, 35 varieties, including "bezoar snake gall fritillary bulb liquid" and "gastritis grain" for the national Chinese medicine to protect species.

In 2011,the group corporation cooperated with the Beijing Hope International Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co.,LTD to invest 1.2billion (including 3 stages) to construct Yulong Pharmaceutical Industrial Park with another name of Chemical Pharmaceutical Department of Confucius Pharmacy .This industrial park is situated in the west district of Qufu Economic Development zone and it covers an area of over 333335 ㎡.

In the first stage of Yulong Pharmaceutical Industrial Park,the build-up areas include the Comprehensive Lap Building(including the Office Area,QC Lab and Sterile Lab),API Workshop,the Comprehensive Preparation Workshop(including the Lyophilized Powder Preparation Workshop,the Ordinary Solid Preparation Workshop,the Tumor Solid Preparation Workshop),the Warehouse,the Power House,the Converting Station,the Accessible Trench and other supporting facilities.

The treatment device of domestic sewage has also been constructed with an operational capacity of 100T one day. Two high-pressure hydrogenation workshops have been put into use.

Yulong group strong backing and advantageous "Confucius" brand, has become a special advantage of Confucius of the long-term development of the pharmaceutical. At present, the company with hundreds of domestic well-known pharmaceutical companies to maintain good trade relations of cooperation. Confucius to "care for people's health, the revitalization of traditional medicine" as own duty, to "product is the source, integrity, law-abiding" as an objective, advancing with The Times, blaze new trails, created a good situation of booming development, progresses day by day.

Confucius said: "there is companion come from afar, extremely". Confucius pharmaceutical is willing to work with friends from all walks of life to join hands in creating a better future.

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